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Great to be part of this group Show down in Deptford – I’m showing 2 large photos of Ladywell baths before it got dimolished. Its on until Nov 16th

Exhibiting artists

Melissa Alley | Hermione Allsopp | Victoria Arney | Vanya Balogh | Clive Burton | James Capper | Edward Chell | Cedric Christie | Carla Cruz | Alex Culshaw | Mikey Georgeson | Lauri Hopkins | May Yeonok Jang | Caroline Lambard | Teresa Leung | Amanda Loomes | Holly Owen | Matt Parsons | David Redfern | Sam Risley | Ellen Camilla Rose | Pascal Rousson | Paul Sakoilsky | Margot Sanders | Katie Surridge | Paul Tecklenberg | Oscar Tornincasa | Paul Tucker | Tisna Westerhof | Rosalie Woods

The Deptford Stories Festivalbrings together art, theatre, music and history to celebrate the past, present and future of Anthology Deptford Foundry, the former site of Arklow Road Trading Estate.

These images are part of my personal history with the building before it was demolished in 2015.

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