This year I have concentrated on recording nightingales along specific routes and in specific areas close to Junas. Interested to see how and if I can hear their different accents but also how successful they are and if their song changes during the day and night. Obviously this is not a scientific experiment as I am haphazard in my approach according to how much time I have but I feel that this will give me insight into when song is more complicated and the structure and gaps in their singing …..and how I might use their songs in compositions.

firstly I found that the night singing was very strong at the start of may end of April – this might have been due to weather – it has been very cold here this year, windy as well. This intense singing stopped quite quickly afterwards – in some spots completely – perhaps because the birds have found a mate. it has flucktuede greatly with the weather.

I’m looking forward to plating these out with a map of locations and am continuing to record until the last one leaves in June or July ……