Live improvisation recorded at Thames-side Gallery London 12 April 2024 at the opening of without horizon without shore IV with geographies of print lab and artists Victoria Ahrens and Carol Wyss.

Jim Howard on trumpet and Julie Walkington on double bass. This improvisation can be watched with the film score below (sound muted on the film) for a comparison between the two improvisations with the same visual score.

Birdland improvised performance with film Pont-Saint-Esprit Priory 30.06.2023
Dawn Chorus scroll 2021. Jim Howard Music / Victoria Arney print / Film John spaull
Nightingale gold

Nightingale silence and singing 2022

An ongoing collaboration with Jim Howard using coloured sonogram images. These are from a stock of recordings made over several years here.

rose 2022

some of the coloured sonograms