Aurora 1
Aurora 2

Both recordings were made April 7th 2021 in La Creuse France the first at 5.45 am. I superimposed the sounds in lines across the plate – like writing. The scrolls read left to right the top line being the first recording / the bottom line being the second. Both these recordings were in a small woodland copse at the first moment of sound before and after sunrise.

Pellevoisin ( Blue )

I used this recording to overlay sounds for this large copper plate. This was the 11th recording made on a round walk and was made before reaching the edge of the forest where i recorded the final sound used for the small etchings in Pellevoisin Path.

Pellevoisin Path

This recording was the last made on a round walk through the country lanes of Pellevoisin in La Creuse. In it you can hear a hunt in the forest having seen a deer. I used two sections to make the small copper plates for Path.

Red songs

This is a 4 plate etching on copper superimposing the plates made from this recording. It was a small deciduous woodland with several woodpeckers made in February. This was one of the first recordings I used for my etchings, preferring the small scale which reflects the delicacy of the wildlife of this wood.