Pitch and colour of song ?

How should I use colour within the woodcuts of the songs?… In a sense I need again to order or structure the colour – as every element is already being pulled apart within these songs in order to make them. It seems to me that the pitch of most of the birdsongs are all at a similar level so far..which in a sonogram is on the left hand side of the graph showing how the note moves or the shape of the notes and gives an indication of whether the note is ascending or desending which the human ear cant hear naturally.

What that means in terms of the woodcuts is that they occur all at the same physical level together in a clump. Above are some early morning notes I made trying to work out if I change the two how would it alter where or how the sonogram is seen ? Normally in a sonogram the bottom axis is the physical time it takes for the bird to sing ….. with all the natural gaps – that are the bird listening back. This feels incredibly important this listening space. If i remove that axis then all the song becomes clumped together. so through these notes ive worked out that time and spaces of nothing are important in the piece. Also the diagram on the right is interesting where i have placed together on top of each other all the different bird songs – which might become a kind of landscape in its own right.

This lead me onto Bernie Krause and the Voice of the Natural World.

Here he has such amazing equipment to listen to multiple birdsong in a wood for example that you see each sonogram on top of the other as a kind of visual buzz – other noises such as streams / wind etc are at a different pitch so appear separately. More on Bernie Krause Later !.