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Walking and Falling

walking and falling

Walking and Falling       Des Marche Gallery Aubusson

Two person show at the Des Marche Gallery Aubusson France / Drawings and Prints

Early on in France I became aware of a number of different sites where disruptive activities were taking place / greenhouses / quarries / building sites . These were places where things rubbed up against each other in inexplicable ways. I visited and took photos of the Gravel pit used in this drawing. The threads though structural were a kind of reference to something happening beyond the drawing . Whilst on site I saw a large number of birds drinking in the gravel pits . The holes in this desolate landscape had filled with water.

The addition of the threads to large Quarry drawing were in fact walking lace ties and gave it a narrative and a physical presence in the gallery. They acted as a retainer for the image and a barrier and were attached with map pins on to the wooden floor of the gallery. This piece was shown with the prints of greenhouses where the same fragile structure shields and interrupts. The holes were also part of a kind of hidden code interrupting the surface.

Serre I & II Etchings also shown along side this work.

Hand coloured Double printed etching on Zerkal Paper. These were made at around the same time from a visit to a disused greenhouse. The shifting of the etching allowed for a displacement of the spaces within. This is a recurring theme in my work – full and empty at the same time they represent a narrative about our consumption of nature .