Muséé des Alpilles et Parc Des Alpilles

Two venues Birdland I and Birdland II Saint Remy de Provence France

A solo show on the birds of the Midi in Saint Remy. The shows took place from May 2023 until August – working with ecologists from the Maison des parc des Alpilles we identified three birds that migrate to the region which are threatened through habitat loss. Using fragments of their songs I made several woodcuts that were shown alongside other suspended works and sounds.

The film Birdland came through discussions with Jim Howard and the ecologists at the Parc des Alpilles. I used cyanotype images of lands that the birds would fly over and a collection of eggs, this was then used by Jim Howard for improvisation which was Performanced in each venue for the opening.

This project also included working with a group of schoolchildren to produce an installation using the birds of the midi that we constructed and printed in a workshop in the museum.

” if we view ourselves from a great height , it is frightening to realise how little we know about our species, our purpose and our end”

W. G. Sebald rings of Saturn

BIRDLAND I PNRA 2 Boulevard Marceau, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence / BIRDLAND II Musée des Alpilles 1 Place Favier Saint-Rémy-de-Provence until Sept 2023

performances at both venues with Jim Howard

+ exchanger22 In Vivo le prieuré Pont Saint Esprit

Thanks to the children of Saint Remy for participating in the bird project