#4 without horizon without shore

A geographies of print collective with fellow artists Victoria Ahrens / Carol Wyss .

The Wall piece – InSitu songs and silence was made over 3 years.  Each blue print begins with a recording made at 5.30am on May 1st . Over a period of 3 years she has recorded three times on May 1st. The first print on the right was made in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The 35/40 second  recording and an ornithologists programme slows it down so that the form of the song pitch and vibrations can be seen, marking timelines and re drawn onto the Japanese wood plates. These are then cut to make a relief print. 

Each work has an echo – the left side of the mirror line is the beginning of the sound and contains 24 plates, in rows of 4 which can be read vertically. 

This piece shows the complexity of just a few seconds of sound and each song element comes with a silent element suspended above -simply hand coloured Kozo paper folded in the same way as the print below to give a visual to the silence. 

Woodcut is solitary and meditative and slow and through this interaction with the material the work gradually comes to fruition. There is a direct opposition between the speed of the songs and the slowness of the making . Everything is hand printed and low fi – created within a boundary, They are about listening and looking more carefully at something fleeting and everyday so as to give the work a sense of touch through the time spent in its making.

The notion of a static view of nature is one deeply rooted in a nostalgia for the everlasting; for contemplation in a world where the imperceptible ebb and flow creates a sense of timelessness and of the eternal. The exhibition Without Horizon, without shore in this final iteration giving voice to our encounter with deep time, and the intrinsic fluidity and melody of the landscapes we inhabit, both internal and external. Depictions and sounds beyond visible shores, static horizons.

In a shifting landscape both metaphorical and actual, where our relationship to  our environment  captures our attention more than ever, these ephemeral traces of our physical experiences compel us to find new ways to embody them.

Here three artists all working with print, drawing, and mark making as a sculptural and physical embodiment of this fluctuating relationship, look to interrupt the flattened forms of digital existence and bring back a sense of time through touch. The stilled images, the paper, and the films are  both activated in the space of the gallery through installation pieces, sound and object images that shape how we view the work.

April 12-28 Thames-side gallery Woolwich London 2024

The film bird land was shown in silence in the exhibition and also used as a musical score by Jim Howard and Julie Walkington on the opening night for the link click here