Catalogue of a walk


Single 4 m Nightingale in the studio with sound.

The nightingale is for many the signifier of spring, one of the loudest singing birds with a complex song sung day and night, it announces itself through sound has over 100 motifs in its repertoire and was the first bird that I recorded. Nesting low to the ground in bushes it is also vulnerable and hard to spot.

I have been walking the same routes and recording them day and night for the past 4 years so possibly recording the same birds over that period of time too.

These prints have been shown hanging singularly and in multiple long scrolls of 10 m long . Using the recurring motif of each of these birds repertoire woodcut panels from their sonograms have been composed these along the 10 meter print. Over laying the sounds on the front and back of the works. The viewer entered through the print and walked its length .

QR codes of recordings are shown alongside the piece

ASC Lambeth County Court London

Without Horizon without shore I @ geographies of print Collective.