Not a wasteland

Not a Wasteland – Suface Exhibition – Crypt Gallery London 2011 This piece was made in relation to the space of the Crypt In London Euston – Originally a Catacomb the remains were removed – the title a line form a poem  alludes to the notion of inversion – life still existing underneath, a shadow life. the suspended light cast slim shadows and flickered the cut lines. This piece was later recut

Serre I, II

Made in residence at the Maison de Gravure Montpellier. France. Each etching is over printed on coloured paper and the plate moved. 105 x 56 cm  

Poriginal Galleria Finland

The British Connection – Group Show 25/4 – 12/5 2015 No Mans Land – woodcut on Kozo paper 2015.  300cm x 260 cm Is a work done using the style of traditional Japanese woodcut techniques, Hokusai’s references with the sea and Tsunami were at the forefront of my mind when making this piece. I wanted to make something that floated literally, the paper is so light it moves as you

Arte Laguna Prize Venice

Photos from the show at the Venic Arsenale in March 2015- Inspiring work from International artists / Selected by Igor Zanti, Franck Gautherot (Contemporary Art Center in Dijon), Jonathan Watkins ( Ikon ) Philippe van Cauteren (Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent) amongst others. Ruin Repeat / charcoal and watercolour in situ Venice Arsenale March/ April 2015 Hans Becker – amazing sound sand piece

Laguna Art Prize 2015

Exciting news – In March I will be showing my piece – Ruin Repeat – at the Venice Arsenal – in the Laguna Arte Prize 2015.  The exhibition focuses on new contemporary art from around the world and is selected by a jury of 10 Art Critics – Award ceremony is March 21st / the show runs until april 5th and is free.


Great to be part of this group Show down in Deptford – I’m showing 2 large photos of Ladywell baths before it got dimolished. Its on until Nov 16th Exhibiting artists Melissa Alley | Hermione Allsopp | Victoria Arney | Vanya Balogh | Clive Burton | James Capper | Edward Chell | Cedric Christie | Carla Cruz | Alex Culshaw | Mikey Georgeson | Lauri Hopkins | May Yeonok Jang

Multiplied 2014

Bearspace are showing some of my  Dream life of Debris show black prints at multiplied this year.  Culminating in Geometry of a waterfall they they represent a years work looking at the complexity of drawing water/ fall/sea through simple etched line. Using Geometry and line in an attempt to expose emotional content and sense of history. The large round etchings on black planet like. The work is all weekend until

Interrupted Landscapes

Interrupted landscapes 2014/15 My preoccupation in working with landscape is always about the relationship between decay and growth /Disaster and re ordering Many of these drawings use real events of a catastroohic nature – observed at a distance through technology. Overlayering one event ontop of the other in the case of Cardbaord City below – where the boxes sent to help the survivors also form a cityscape themselves , then

nothing and everything

  These recent etchings have been reworked with a blown up digital print that has line blemishes that corrospond with the etching lines suggesting a link between these two very different kinds of seeing.  Both are on hannemule paper and form a set of 6 interlinked images – all relate to the televisation of the Japan Tsumani 2011, although they allude to a general notion of chaos and disaster.