These Nightingale prints have different iterations. This first scroll is 4 metres long made with the motif most used by a single nightingale that I recorded. Since then i have made variations of prints over laying them like sentences. The iteration at Woolwich contemporary Art fair 2022 is made with 3 motifs all hand cut wood relief. The Common nightingale song is so fluid – it sounded to me like water but when you see the real structure of the song it appears almost mathematical and has a very vertical movement repetitive and constrained. The movement is upward. The lines are present to keep the song in tempo, with it the song can occupy a kind of musical space.

This is one version of how it might be shown. with the QR code of the sound. They are relief printed by hand on Japanese paper scrolls with a barren.

Edition of 6 / each scroll is uniquely variable hand printed with water based professional relief inks.

Different Colours can be requested in this series. Below are the recordings used in this series. Nightingale 1 – 4