small monotype and etching overlay bird calls.

bird list to date : Scops Owl arrived last night ( march 28th) The Eurasian Scops Owl is migratory. The most part of the European population migrates in autumn and reaches inland Africa in a single flight, maybe close to the Sahara. It likes the vicinity of humans. Redstarts / blackheads redstarts arrived mid march – one pair bread in our garden last summer and I think the parents are still here as they have taken up in exactly the same place in the garden , singing first at dawn before all the other birds.

sky larks and woodlarks : first to arrive around Mid feb / also chaffinches more prominent.

Bufo bufo spinosus arrived with the snow moon in Feb and again with the full moon in March I could hear them croaking. .

Resident birds : ( over winter ) great tits, blue tits, goldfinches, house sparrows, starlings which come and go. and in march use our pool cover as their evening bathing ritual between 4.30 – 6 pm.