birdsong Etchings

Aurora scrolls

Made on Zerkal paper with water based inks 100cm x 45 cm. These have been made using recordings in central France in the Limousin region in a small mixed woodland. I recorded in early spring before sunrise and just after sunrise once all the birds had started singing. I was interested in the notion of silence and singing , the moment when there was a transformation of place. I used the sonogram program to visualise these and overlaid them to form 2 lines across the print, a kind of script. Each print is unique using ink stained paper to allow seepage of the colour over the edge of the prints.

Aurora scroll – Without Horizon without shore ASC gallery London 2021
red songs

Mathew Hargrave Selectors choice Woolwich Contemporary Print fair 2020 A five plate etching overlaid in reds and fuchsia on Zerkall. 75cm x 40 cm

made from recordings Feb 2019 central France which resulted in 5 recordings at various stop points. Edition of 10

Iteration 2

Above second iteration Time line edition spring green. The full layout of all the plates in order ( used in red songs ) with QR code to the recording.

etchings on copper printed on Zerkall and Arches papers of various dimensions. These were recordings taken in late summer of Golden Orioles I used water based inks and dragged them outside of the print edge , ideas of echos and repeats in each print each time are slightly different. These interventions create each time a unique print with the same vocabulary.