turning ruin


Turning Sea/ turning

A small series of etchings and mono prints exploring the idea of the impossibility of control and return to states of static – These mono prints and etchings are  fragments really of an idea of the infinite and come form the seires of work I made about the japan Tsunami and the debris floating in the Atlantic. Since compleating that series I have been looking at terratories that are unaccessable  through a series of Archives – The Courtauld Art and Architecture archive and the photographic archives at RMS ( that insure buildings in these areas). The circles are either chine colled onto the prints or placed behind and I am interested in the way this referrences digital travel through google earth.

A suggestion of  undefined boundaries and surveillance of territories.

Drawing the sea with a Ruler series

drawing the sea with ruler set
Drawing the sea with a ruler series 2014

Drawing sea with ruler I drawing sea with ruler III drawing sea with rulerII