frans Masereel

An ongoing collaborative project by Victoria Arney & Carol Wyss

These prints are part of a series of unique handmade Riso Prints which Victoria and Carol W have collaborated during a residency at Frans Masereel Central. This is the first iteration of the BIRDS IN MY HEAD project.   Both artists used their individual research libraries of birdsong sonograms and human cranial structure imagery to enter into a dialogue. Working through drawing, photography and layering they respond to each others images using the Risograph as a common tool to explore ideas of landscape and script. 

The BIRDS IN MY HEAD is an ongoing project to explore and develop further ideas around using a common matrix. Each of these prints are unique and available to purchase singly. 

A small quantity have been withheld by the Artists for the development of this project. 

Size each print 40 x 24cm

Unique print on drawing paper

Price per print £360