the air thick as if in deep sea surrounded greens web tension lines between plot out space in golden ruler lines long and short growth uninterrupted wind broken


Conyza sumatrensis tall fleabane asteraceae family fever healing eyes paralysis convulsions pulmonary vertigo and epilepsy resistant to diquat and paraquat group D 22 herbicides

fleabane 2019

I have been photographing since Aug 2017 part of forest that was burnt down near my studio in Junas Gard France . The fire cleared huge areas which has changed the balance of plants in the area. I have been recording the plants that have colonised the area, in one part Fleabane has grown to more than 2.3 meters tall because it is surrounded by burnt trees that protect it from the weather. Walking there is like stepping into a giant aquarium.

I collect, photograph and write and this forms my starting point.
These words I have begun to be put into the prints as Braille holes.
I have been doing this for a few years on and off with etchings – a visual code that is recognisable as a code but unreadable interrupting the imagery and allowing me to build up layers. Holes and circles are very important in my work , floating behind and in front of the imagery creating gaps and other spaces.

To make this work I collected the fleabane and made spray painted mono prints of them – life size onto black paper. The braille was punched by hand.