Chine Collé workshop

chine collé workshop

Image 30-01-17 at 09.11 We used Akua Inks on ply – Kozo Paper and Gampi and Dry point.IMG_6678 Image 30-01-17 at 09.11 IMG_6691 Image 30-01-17 at 12.36 (2) Image 30-01-17 at 12.37 IMG_6692 IMG_6682 IMG_6681 IMG_6690 IMG_6680 My first workshop in French ! had a few problems with explaining over and under ! great class we worked on wood and kozo papers first then when dry cut and used rice glue to put the papers through the press for chine collé. Everyone was very excited with the technique.    Photos at the Maison de Gravure Montpellier. IMG_6677