since 2016 I have been making work that looks at hidden codes and touch with puncturing the paper or things being put through the press to leave a mark or code.

This series used the idea of platforms or precarious structures in nature that have viewers or are for viewing nature. The titles are often what is written in braille. or sometimes a quote. I am interested in the surface and time, and how the holes interrupt the image. I see them as a continuation of my shifted plates that make a double ghost image to create a dissonance of disruption visually the code disrupts the images.

Us and them


Bristol Art Library a small artists book of a walk in winter using plastic and plants

Small Editions :

Us and Them /etching white on black paper /Woolwich print fair 2019 edition of 25 £120 27cm x 20 cm 

Watching the Water etching on Zerkall white/ edition of 20 in Blue/ contact myself or WCPF to purchase.