Divisé /  Chemin  /  Rétoure eternal


The main task was to make sculptures out of Bamboo that could last being outside for 7 months.  We drew up several simple forms that we wanted to place in the garden. We wanted to bring colour to this project as the overall aspect of the garden is intensely green and vertical we wanted to challenge and echo certain colour combinations within that.  I worked with Artist Susan Dallady over a period of 3 months on and off and we created three works that look at colour and light in different ways. Our idea was always to try and use the interior circular form within the bamboo and use the depths that are created when you cut it to play with the colour and light.

Divisé Situated in the dense and darkest part of the gardens this piece forms a cut cylinder 4 meters long and 70 cm in width. Again using red and saffron we wanted to challenge the vertical and suggest something more visceral- a kind of slicing open – situated under a giant magnolia tree this piece will also echo the red berries that will fall on it at the end of the summer.Rétoure eternal This sculpture is roughly 1×1 meter lashed bamboo with cut pieces inserted into each face painted Saffron and Red. Both these colours are important in Asian culture. We placed this sculpture in the formal Japanese garden, where it can be seen from a distance. Its colours echo the red gate behind and the yellow bamboo close by forming a kind of full stop within the garden. The intensity and depths of the colour within this sculpture change with the light during the day.Chemin This piece is composed of 450 cut and coloured sections of bamboo replaced back into the forest.  The colours form the lightest part of the spectrum from pale yellow to Violet. As the light changes throughout the day different parts of the circle are illuminated and the colour intensity changes and floats forward. The colours are glimpsed through the forest. 

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April – November 
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Bambouseraie de Prafrance

Victoria Arney & Susan Dalladay