birdland film

The film Birdland  is a visual musical score for trumpet and double bass. Shown here in silence, the images slowly shift through a catalogue of NASA photos, desserts, floods, ruins, bird eggs and sonograms. Above is a short recording of the first performance in France. Recorded for the finissage of a project with Echanger 22 in the Priory Saint-Esprit in June 2023. I wanted to give the viewer a sense

nightingale nights

2023 This year I have concentrated on recording nightingales along specific routes and in specific areas close to Junas. Interested to see how and if I can hear their different accents but also how successful they are and if their song changes during the day and night. Obviously this is not a scientific experiment as I am haphazard in my approach according to how much time I have but I


Live improvisation recorded at Thames-side Gallery London 12 April 2024 at the opening of without horizon without shore IV with geographies of print lab and artists Victoria Ahrens and Carol Wyss. Jim Howard on trumpet and Julie Walkington on double bass. This improvisation can be watched with the film score below (sound muted on the film) for a comparison between the two improvisations with the same visual score. Nightingale silence

QR codes Without horizon without shore

AURORA SCROLLS Both recordings were made April 7th 2021 in La Creuse France the first at 5.45 am. I superimposed the sounds in lines across the plate – like writing. The scrolls read left to right the top line being the first recording / the bottom line being the second. Both these recordings were in a small woodland copse at the first moment of sound before and after sunrise. I

Invisible maps #1

This was made on my phone close to where I live in a small area of woodland overgrown with tall poplar trees , small oaks and a lot of grass and undergrowth. These small pockets of wilderness between fields sustain the populations of migratory birds. This recording was made at 5.45 am on May 3 2020. This is the recording I used to make the woodblock script for several works

golden oriel

This mornings recording at 8 am Nightingales and Golden Oriels this has been the first time I’ve been able to record for a few days and its rained heavily here and it been too windy to record sound. Hoopoes are here now as well they can be spotted with their low looping flight and white tipped wings. I have seen the Grand duc several times but still havent been able

grand duc owl

April waxing moon night walk Went out in search of Nightjars and the Grand duc owl that I had heard had come back to be a summer resident here in Junas. As the moon is almost full and there was very little wind It seemed like a good time to break the curfew and see if i could record something. Accompanied by Archie ( my son) and Martha with Ferg

first nightingale call

Just outside of Junas on the road to the garrigue. I’ve heard this one before in the same place for a couple of years but his song was very strong this year and loud. Felt like a young bird but I could see it ( of course) ! With a new recording device I have clearer sonograms. Juste à l’extérieur de Junas sur la route de la garrigue. J’ai déjà

Chansons d’ oiseaux les derniers jours

recherche pour mon prochain travail aube et au crépuscule j’ai visité le même bois dans la Creuse pour faire une nouvelle gravure en 2 parties. I have been able to re visit a wood that I recorded in 2019 at the same time of year for a work – Red songs. These recordings I have printed out and am using to make a large 2 plate etching of dawn and

spring march 2021

bird list to date : Scops Owl arrived last night ( march 28th) The Eurasian Scops Owl is migratory. The most part of the European population migrates in autumn and reaches inland Africa in a single flight, maybe close to the Sahara. It likes the vicinity of humans. Redstarts / blackheads redstarts arrived mid march – one pair bread in our garden last summer and I think the parents are still here