Dawn chorus

Recorded on May 3 2020. this is an area that has a small stream and fields either side and vineyards. the trees are tall and ancient mainly poplars , old evergreen oaks and shrubby bushes and long grass. there is a small path that leads through these fields and onto the old railway that is now a cycle path. Recorded at around 5.45 am.

Catalogue of a walk

This was the final nightingale on this walk. In a small area of high poplars, with shrubs and bushes in the undergrowth this piece of land borders a small stream with old trees either side. There are a lot of birds here especially in the spring. I was lucky enough this time to see the bird close up whilst singing. It was at about head hight on the lower benches

catalogue of a walk

This was the third Nightingale I encountered on this walk.. It was on an open piece of land, with vineyards either side of a line of trees. to the left of me was a small copse of mixed trees, some old with scrub bush quite dense on the ground. This bird was further away and calling across this space to the other side.

Catalogue of a walk

The second bird on my walk. This recording was along a track that lead to a roman watermill surrounded by fields and ancient trees that were once along a river but now the river is a small stream and has moved about half a mile away.