birdsong Etchings / woodcuts

Made on Zerkal paper with water based inks 100cm x 45 cm. These have been made using recordings in central and France at daybreak and dusk. I have overlaid these to form a kind of script. Each print is unique using ink stained paper to allow seepage of the colour over the edge of the prints.

Aurora scroll – Without Horizon without shore
Aurora green Flat 102 cm x 40
aurora II 220cm x 40
Red songs 4 plate overlay etching in red
Red Songs

Selected by Mathew Hargrave for Woolwich Contemporary Print fair 2020- this is a 5 plate etching overlaid in reds and fuchsia on Zerkall. 75cm x 40 cm made from recordings done in 2019 in central France on a walk in february which resulted in 5 recordings at various stop points. Edition of 10

Time line edition of spring green. The full layout of all the plates in order ( used in red songs ) with QR code to the recording.

Woodcut Prints

These prints are made from a recordings of nightingales, and other birds in spring and through out the year. The sonograms are drawn with ink into the wood panels and then cut into wood and relief printed. I use a variety of papers and rolls but Kozo paper allows both a front and back reading of the image. Therefore many of these pieces can be adapted to a variety of spaces.

Dawn chorus night / day 2020 ( 4 panels)

The Dawn chorus recording made in May 2020.

This recording of 1 min of sound has been redrawn onto wood and cut into 24 panels. Each panel forms part of the time line and sentence of that place. I have used these plates as a template to create different works. Above is a 4 plate print day / night in wine and fuchsia reds. The full print of the recording can be seen below, but fragments of it I also use to compose new elements.

Dawn composition

In Dawn composition the glow of the underscore ( fluorescent speedball inks ) colours the light peppermint greens of the relief print at the front. 2021 wall Suspended 1.20 x 1m

Grey dawn

Grey Dawn ( unfolded version ) This is the 24 panel woodcut mirrored to form a work for wall of corner, grey and silver relief print on collaged Kozo sheets suspended 2021 2m x 3m