Using Rubbish

My recent efforts in the studio have been around using rubbish. Traces, footprint and re evaluation as a resource . I look on it as a kind of technical studio exercise to push what I have to its maximum … not always through the press but often the pressure of the press squeezes the material into something else. and it is this transformation that I’m interested in. So far i’ve

using the negative

Notes on the negative. I Have been working in the studio preparing for the Parcours d’art Avignon this week, and making connections between things, the drawings the prints and the newer sprayed works. All deal with negatives and touch and it was not until I put up the work side by side that I could see that so clearly. The photos that I have been using over the winter of

Dawn chorus

Recorded on May 3 2020. this is an area that has a small stream and fields either side and vineyards. the trees are tall and ancient mainly poplars , old evergreen oaks and shrubby bushes and long grass. there is a small path that leads through these fields and onto the old railway that is now a cycle path.

Catalogue of a walk

This was the final nightingale on this walk. In a small area of high poplars, with shrubs and bushes in the undergrowth this piece of land borders a small stream with old trees either side. There are a lot of birds here especially in the spring. I was lucky enough this time to see the bird close up whilst singing. It was at about head hight on the lower benches

catalogue of a walk

This was the third Nightingale I encountered on this walk.. It was on an open piece of land, with vineyards either side of a line of trees. to the left of me was a small case of mixed trees, some old with scrub bush quite dense on the ground. This bird was further away and calling across this space to the other side.

Catalogue of a walk

These recordings were made in Junas France in April 2020. I recorded four Nightingales. Each time I heard a nightingale I stopped and recorded about 1 min on my phone. These recordings were then used to make the woodcuts blocks. This recording was along a track that lead to a roman watermill surrounded by fields and ancient trees that were once along a river but now the river is a

catalogue of a walk

This is the first recording of a Nightingale in April 2020 made on my phone in Junas. This particular bird was very close to the path in between a Mazet in the Garrigues near the village of Junas. I couldn’t see the bird but I had to wait for about 4 mins until it began again to sing. I was aware that it too was listening to other Nightingales .

Dawn Chorus

Wood cut Dawn Chorus Working with the Dawn chorus recording I am using tempo bars within the woodcut to keep everything together so that it flows. These are from the recording itself in the sonograms . Each small wood panel is approximately 2 seconds of actual sound – so this section is 8 seconds. Still got a long way to go ! Water based ink on Rice paper

The Nightingale

Finally printing these in the studio – working on printing the 2 large woodcuts next to each other twice on a long scroll of paper. Like the idea of it being together without a fold so that it can be shown in different ways. This was part of a recording done in april here on a walk with 4 nightingales – the lines are present to keep the song in

Dawn Chorus 5.45 am

International dawn chorus day was this week – I recorded this along with some audio a few days ago at around 5.45 am in a small area of mixed woodland by a stream about 20 min walk from the village where I live in Junas – Laungeudoc Roussillon France. I knew there would be lots of nightingales there as this is a particular favourite spot for them i even managed

birdsong studio work

Whilst working on concrete ideas such as the walk piece in Le cruse – Pellevoisn I have also been trying out putting together different techniques to make a wall of small drawings or prints possibly together. These bird sounds are often high in pitch but also have depth of sound and intensity. So i have been visual playing around with how i might show the work in a gallery space.