walking and falling

Walking and Falling       Des Marche Gallery Aubusson

Shown in 2016 In France this drawing was made from a visit to a quarry near to where i live. I took photos and then worked on this large drawing of the overall view of the quarry. The threads were added later and made the drawing attach itself into the space of the gallery. Somehow the addition of the threads ( which were walking lace ties ) made the the charcoal drawing seem filmic.  It gave it a narrative that i wasn’t expecting.

Detail Walking and Falling


Serre I and II Etchings


Songs of Nature Braille Etchings

_MG_1510 2

































Gyre prints 2013/14

200,000 shift Double etching overlay with chine colle circle 2012 £ 550 unframed Ed 5 Variable
200,000 Etching














Geometry of a waterfall 2014


Drawing the sea with a ruler series


Everything and nothing series

everything and nothing series

Boundary Print  2012 MA show UAL

boundary instillation 2