Recent Exhibitions

2018 – Artist in Residence Bambouselerie Anduze France


Saint Mathieu des Treviers – France Oct 2017

3rd Global Print – Douro Portugal August – Sept 2017

The Garden In Its Time – Chateau des Portes, France July / August 2017

Timeline  Jan – March  London – Bearspace Gallery 2016  3 person show of contemporary etchers

Gallerie Des Marches – Aubusson France  1 person show April/ May 2016

21 x 21 Triennale of contemporary engravers Barcelona

Sud estamp – selected artist I person show – Maison De Gravure Montpellier France Dec 2016- Jan 2017



Pori Musuem Gallery – Pori Finland

The British Connection 25/4/- 12/5/2015

Group show of 7 women from the UK


Laguna Arte Prize – Venice Arsenale 2015 March – April

International art Prize in Venice Italy  selected by Italian Art Critic Igor Zanti , Jonathan watkins and others.


Foyles Gallery / Futurcity Eccentric Spaces Feb – March 2015

Eccentric Spaces

The Gallery at Foyles

Selected works from BEARSPACE Gallery Curated by Futurecity

6th February – 6th March 2015

To put the world on one sheet of paper – maps are the most condensed humanized spaces of all…They make the landscape fit indoors, make us masters of sights we can’t see and spaces we can’t cover.” 

― Robert HarbisonEccentric Spaces, MIT Press 1977

Eccentric Spaces is an exhibition of selected artworks drawn from the collection of Deptford based BEARSPACE Gallery, Curated by Futurecity.  The title is a reference to the book of the same title by Robert Harbison. The book is a lesson in seeing and sensing the manifold forms created by the mind for its own pleasure. Brilliantly learned, deliberately remote in form from conventional scholarship, Eccentric Spaces is a magical book, an intellectual adventure, a celebration.

In Harbison’s book – as in this exhibition – the subject is the human imagination, and the mysterious interplay between the imagination and the spaces it has made for itself to live in: neglected gardens, abandoned rooms, brooding buildings, uncanny forests, fictional topographies, outmoded technologies and lost architectures. Some spaces are real, some are imaginary. Many are somewhere in-between the two.


Tectonic – Bearspace Gallery group show Dec /Jan 2014/15

BEARSPACE  new work by a collection of its leading artists curated by Director Julia Alvarez.

TECTONIC plays on the ever-changing, shifting landscapes, forming the basis of the artists work. Each artist has honed their practice, using between them an array of sculptural photography, print and digital collage to create a series of fragmented landscapes, based on real and interpreted landscapes. 

Landscape as a genre has always held a relevant presence for artists as a main source of inspiration. Stretching from it’s debut in renaissance paintings to it’s influence in urban photography, it’s relatable to a variety of people, constantly evolving and accessible.  Within TECTONIC each of our artist navigates their way through some of the different environments in which we find landscapes. With inspiration stretching from the everyday, landscapes from familiar film scenes (therefore making it relatable),  right through to almost dream like environments TECTONIC demonstrates a variety of ways in which the genre can be interpreted. From Sri Lanka to Malta our artists work are representations of their own actual journeys, represented through their processes and  through them as they work in different locations around the world. 


London Art Fair 2015  Business Design Centre London  Jan 2015