carbon Land

Carbon land 2018 pencil on paper, fluorescent paint, batons, magnets,

This work was started in 2017 with a series of photographs after a fire burnt an area of woodland area near my home. This was a piece of land already well known to me and it was completely unrecognisably altered by this event. It was in fact quite shocking and so began an ongoing series of walks through this landscape and photography.

I began photographing and recording the changes that I saw happening , the different plants colonising the burnt areas. the changes of colour, the tiny areas left growing and the new spaces that had opened up by it. In fact this project which is still on going lead has to several different works being made with plants and weeds Fleabane 2019 ( barcelona ) and Echo 2018 ( avignon )

The area was completely devoid of colour immediately after the event and was itself like a drawing. So this was my starting point. I took images passing through the space and although the photos were the basis for this work I wanted to work with what was missing rather than what was there. The photographic quality of the drawing felt like crawling over the surface but also gave the work a sense of time. Fire is shocking because it is so destructive, destroying in seconds things that have taken 60 years or more to establish . Whilst this is part of the forest cycle here this particular fire was started by someone in three separate places. The photos were taken as I walked through the space and then super imposed onto each other in the studio which opened up these openings… I kept the piece very low fi using only pencil charcoal and paper – the whittled sticks were a reference to how the burnt most fragile branches fell first forming these void spaces against the trees.

The fluorescent sticks and lines were about this idea of fragility and space of something missing. I wanted them to connect the paper with the floor of the gallery space. They hold up the paper on the wall ( or seem to ) but prevent you from getting to close to the drawing. This also created a sense of unease with the viewer … These batons weave in and out of the drawing into the space itself.

This work was made for a show in Avignon – Parcours d’art avignon 2018 Cloitre Saint Louis , I often re work pieces and for this show I made oval panels to be shown above the work to use the altar like end wall.

fleabane echo