Birdsong prints

birdsong and Syntax Having watched and done more research on the individual elements of birdsong I came across Noam Chomsky the American philosopher and linguist and a diagram comparing grammar in languages and birdsong . What was interesting was the attempt at analysing the recurrence of elements within the songs in the same way as human language is ordered and whether they were repeated into ‘sentences’ that were then used by

birdsong woodcuts

sonogram woodcuts. The transformation of what I was seeing on the computer and how to translate that in the studio ? I felt that the surface of these songs were somehow important, the time in these songs were intrinsic. So I have begun to make woodcuts of elements of them the idea being to be able to have a kind of Alphabet of birdsong that could be repeated and re

birdsong sonograms

Sonograms I began by trying to record birdsong in the filed visually with a note book. The composer Messiaen – catalogue d’oiseux uses a bird for each section. This i found interesting as he went out into nature and would also make notes then translate them back into music. A problem is that you parade the melody and that for me it sounded quite harsh in relation to real birdsong.


Birdsong For quite some time now I have been interested in using notions of invisibility in my work and that has lead me to use braille in pieces for about the last 4 years. In April 2019 I began recording birdsong – particularly Nightingales which migrate from Africa to this region of France. The first recoding I made was on April 14 2019. These recordings were simply made on my