The Day Remains_ii show 2013

   Not a wasteland was originally made for the Euston Church crypt – Surface exhibition 2011. This instillation at The Peltz Room Gallery shows the piece altered for the space. I took the idea of the church and sacred spaces and drew on influences from the early christian notion of the wood and trees being the first christian/pagan symbols. Referrencing  Albrect Aldorfer an early german romantic landscape artist who first

cut out, black paper


Cut outs In 2011 I made a series of black silhouette cut outs to explore themes of loss this piece was made from a photograph taken at Chateau Chaumont in the Limousin france. The chateau is abandoned and was used to hide german families and children during the war. I made a short film Chaumont which explored this theme later.   Cut Black paper 100 x 300 cm  


2:2 This etching was the first Tsunami piece. It references Japanese book woodcuts with the use of the page and gaps between the images. The sliding across the page od the narrative and the subsequent ghost prints that follow on as the piece gradually fades. Again this is a long work which fades as you walk along it. The length is indeterminate and can be longer than six prints each plate