off with their heads grayson perry late

British museum Grayson Perry Late

  Installation / Head – The British Museum 2011   British Museum Great Court 11 Nov 2011 On Friday 11 November 2011, students from the University of the Arts London took over the British Museum for one exciting night curating projects for the public to enjoy that were inspired by the exhibition Grayson Perry’s The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. In response to the Grayson Perry Exhibition – I wanted to make a piece that

Everything and Nothing series i

This series of single and double chin colle prints reference the debris and detritus left after the Tsunami – The idea that everything is there from life but reduced to dysfunctional objects. The drawings on the plates were made from composite photographs which were taken from still and moving images. I wanted to reflect this in the way the image was made and to play with this by increasing the

Boundary – MA show 2012

Tusnami Eau-forte – alternatif noir / blanc Cette gravure se compose d’impressions positives et négatives alternées blanches sur noir et noir sur blanc. Chaque panneau est de 45 cm x 98 cm Ils ont été faits en réponse à la catastrophe du tsunami qui a frappé le Japon en 2011 Il mesure 270 m de long, mais pourrait également être répété le long d’un mur entier d’une galerie. Boundary est